Welcome to my Blog "Racing for Success." I chose this as the name of my blog because I currently run Track for Louisiana Tech University and racing is something that I love and do often. Also, success is something that I strive for as well as try to get others to strive for, so I thought it was fitting. I hope you find this blog useful and informative!

Steven Cortez

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Field Trip

Our Field Trip to the Jean Baptiste Fort and the alligator farm in Natchitouches, Louisiana was a success. The students learned about the first permanant settlement in Louisiana and got to see first hand what the fort their looked like. The students also had a good time at the alligator farm. They got the chance to watch and observe different animals (alligators, emu's, goats, racoons, and snakes) and how they eat and also interact with other animals of the same kind. I thought the trip was very informative as well as fun. I have a couple of pictures posted at the bottom of my blog as well.

Steven Cortez

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